The Frame-up has a large selection of over 2500 moulding samples but, don’t worry, you won’t be overwhelmed. Our professional designers will take the time to guide you through the design process; helping you to find the perfect combination of mat, moulding and glazing to enhance your art.

When It comes to choosing the right moulding for your project it often helps to see a variety of corner samples up against your art. Subtle differences in width, color, texture, pattern, and shape, can all have a profound effect on your framing decision and on how happy you will be with the finished project.

We feature all the traditional moulding choices as well as a large array of specialty and designer frames in unusual materials like mother of pearl, slate, exotic woods, and even glitter (think Dorothy’s ruby slippers). We also have a large line of simple frames and a value line for those on a tight budget. Our designers can help you translate your ideas into reality. Whether you want to match your cherry wood dining set, “unusual” wall color or just frame to “best suit the art” we have the largest selection to make that happen.

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