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Dry mounting is an excellent way to protect old posters or art prints. It is a very basic process where an adhesive film is placed between your artwork and a mounting board (most commonly foam core) and then placed in a vacuum press at a certain temperature to activate the adhesive. The process is permanent so we don’t typically recommend it for signed and numbered prints however, we will do them upon request.

Often times with large scale photographs, customers don’t want to put a frame and matting around them. Dry mounting can help preserve the artwork and keep it from curling or “waving” because of any humidity or environmental changes. It also provides a way to attach hanging hardware to the art, so you don’t have those pesky thumbtack holes in every corner!

We also provide different types of laminate that can be applied to the front of the artwork to give it some texture and protect it from UV rays. The textures we have are canvas, matte, or lustre (glossy).

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